These are the highlights from the meeting on Friday afternoon. The meeting

lasted from 1500 to 1630.


People present were:-


AFL: Wayne Jackson (chairman), Ben Buckley, Shaun Welsh


AFLMA: Ross Symons, Irwin Hirsch, Ian Pike, Michael Agrotis, Jim Brighthope,

Jeff Steel (meeting secretary)


Robert Gottliebsen attended in a private capacity


Proposals put forward by AFLMA and accepted are:-


- The AFL will work with AFLMA to shape the terms and conditions for members in 2002 (NB this means they will listen to us, it does not mean they will give us carte blanche!!)

- The AFL and AFLMA to work together to increase the Members: Grand Final (GF) seats ratio and will look at a plan to ensure that the ratio is fair and equitable for AFL Members and increased over time.

- The AFL will authorise one of its people to attend AFLMA meetings but as a guest and not as an integral member of AFLMA

- AFLMA meetings will be conducted at the AFL offices at the Docklands.


Proposals put forward by the AFLMA and to be considered by AFL are:-


- The Maximum number of Full Members to be in the terms and conditions

- The number of GF seats available to members to be in the terms and conditions of membership

- The number of GF standing room positions available to members to be in the terms and conditions

- Walk-up at the Grand Final should be re-instated


Points clarified by the AFL were:-


- Medallion Club members were not in the ballot and received one ticket only per seat.

- Any reduction in seating due to redevelopment will be shared across all groups in the MCG, including Medallion Club.

- There were 29,860 full members in 2001

- There were 15,500 seats for full members in GF 2001

- There were 2,100 Standing room positions for full members for the GF 2001

- The Medallion Club recieved 3,800 seats for the Grand Final

- The AFL Members capacity was 23,000 on Grand Final day.

- The balance was made up of special AFL guests such as the 200 club and

Life Members


Points Clarified by the AFLMA were:-


- AFLMA research shows that that the biggest single issue regarding full membership is one of access to the Grand Final

- AFL Members do not like the incursion of Medallion Club members who they see regard as queue-jumpers




- AFLMA to arrange access to meeting facilities at Colonial Stadium

- AFL to provide a member to work with AFLMA


We believe we have the AFL's ear and they are genuine in their support of the AFLMA.




Jeff Steel